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Three perspectives on 2020: Junior Akinola

31st December 2020 by Morven Macbeth

Junior Akinola, Chair of the Board, Contact

“Looking at the arts as a has whole at the moment, it’s clear that it’s one of the hardest hit areas by the pandemic. The whole ecosystem of the arts relies on collaboration and communication at its core to function most productively so with that removed it’s been a shock to system.

But a silver lining would be that it’s forced the community as a whole to re-invent our approach towards creativity and ultimately has brought lessons that will redefine the sector for the next generation to come.

The epic day when pandemic eventually subsides, it’s going to be phenomenal to see an array of artists capture the events of 2020 in their own unique ways. This work will be particularly important as it will form the creative time-stamp for a period which future generations will study for a long time to come.

As far as what’s next, from my view as the Chair of Contact it’s important that we seek the opportunity within this difficult period to not only show our resilience but also seek opportunities to redefine areas of our approach, as the needs of young people we connect with in the city have definitely changed. I’m sure other organisations and institutions share a similar sentiment.”

Junior Akinola

December 2020

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