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  • Learning

    At the heart of the company ethos

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Redux Residency

    Porto Alegre Em Cena, Brazil, 2018

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Redux Residency

    Porto Alegre Em Cena, Brazil, 2018

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Redux Residency

    Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, 2019

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Redux Residency

    Theatre in the Mill, Bradford, 2019

Learning is at the heart of the company ethos. Our learning opportunities are exciting, cutting-edge, and generous, sharing with others what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

We offer a number of workshops and lectures that are focussed on our use of digital technologies. We also create specific learning opportunities for each of our touring shows, as well as a year round offer that continues to inform our practice and work.

To book workshops, residencies, or find out more about our projects, please contact Learning and Access Officer Laurence Young on laurence@imitatingthedog.co.uk

Digitally Distanced Experiences:

We have adapted our learning work to be delivered digitally and remotely as well as in person. This is a really exciting opportunity to make our learning work more accessible, to push the ways in which we can collaborate, and to increase our capacity to deliver learning opportunities. In our portfolio of Learning work below you’ll find examples of some of the ways in which we are working digitally with collaborators old and new.


Recent Learning Projects:






→ Full day workshop (2 x 3 hours sessions)
→ 10 - 15 participants
→ 16+
→ In person only
Participants create, shot for shot in real time, section of Night of the Living Dead, our most recent touring production. Introducing live streaming software and providing an insight into imitating the dog’s process. This workshop incorporates live performance, camera operation, lighting, and aspects of design for camera. This film has some adult content (15); an alternative film is available on request.

Imitating imitating the dog

→ Full day workshop (2 x 3 hour sessions)
→ 10 - 15 participants
→ 16+
→ In person only
Gain a wider experience of the imitating the dog process. Participants will learn about the different techniques used in a variety of imitating the dog shows, and how digital technologies can be used in theatre. This workshop can also be tailored to focus more on one particular aspect of the theatre-making, eg design, performance, or technology.

Alternative Pathways in Theatre

→ Half day workshops (3 hours)
→ Up to 30 participants
→ 14+
→ Available physically and remotely
Want to know more about working in the performing arts and the variety of roles available? This workshop, part talk and part practical, explores three aspects of the backstage roles integral to creating theatre: directing, design, and technical theatre. This can also be delivered as a series of online talks.

Methods of Adaptation

→ Half-day workshop (3 hours)
→ Up to 30 participants
→ 14+
→ Available physically and remotely
Part talk and part practical workshop, participants will hear about the history of imitating the dog performance, and how we go about the process of adaptation for stage. Introducing the key questions and considerations for adaptation, this workshop covers topics such as dramaturgy, combining cinema and theatre, and how to evolve and develop your own theatre practice.

Quotes from participants of our recent workshops:

“The most valuable workshop I have done… A fantastic experience”

“A very thorough analysis of adaptation with practical examples and practical exploration…incredibly informative and entertaining”

“An engaging window into your fascinating process…LOVED IT!:”

“Our students found the opportunity of generating their own practical work on the ITD model very rewarding and stimulating. They also clearly benefited from the opportunity to work with and talk to Andrew, who was insightful – as well as honest – about the excitements and challenges of running a theatre company and devising such technically complex work.” – Mark Smith, Lecturer in Theatre, University of York




Creation Lab

→ 3 days minimum
→ 10-15 participants
→ 16+
In a Creation Lab residency, we open up our unique practice with participants, exploring in depth new practices and techniques alongside the development of a new piece of work. This is a great opportunity for students and early career artists to learn skills and create their own piece, whilst also being instrumental in the creation of a new imitating the dog show.

Example: Last year we worked with a group of early career artists at Theatre in the Mill, Bradford for a week, testing the initial idea of recreating Night of the Living Dead, live shot for shot. Participants helped shape our approach to making the show while learning a new set of skills.


→ Flexible
We love responding to a brief and collaborating in new and interesting ways. Previously we have been artistic mentors for university groups, dropping in fortnightly to run sessions; or have co-created a new sited museum exhibition. If you have a project that could use some imitating the dog magic, be that in the field of cinema, projection mapping, or performance, we’d love to chat.

Example: this year we are working with the University of Salford, co-running their New Trends in Theatre and Performance Module for third year students. Over the period of 6 weeks we will mentor students to create a new digitally made short-film.



Performances for a Post-Truth Landscape

The lecture focuses on the thinking behind the most recent touring producing, Night of the Living Dead Remix. We will lead students/audiences through the development of the idea behind the show, focusing on the creative and intellectual decisions that in the end lead to what is seen on stage. The journey is by no means linear.

Technology as Metaphor

This lecture examines the different ways that we have metamorphosed the technological aspects of our productions. It looks at what it means or what it can be made to mean, for instance, when one uses a live camera feed.

Thinking about how the technology is metamorphosed is central to our approach to transmedial performance making.

20 Years of Making

As the company goes past its 21st birthday, this discussion with students, practitioners, and/or audiences looks back at the history of the company from devising work as a young company straight out of university, through to establishing a creative relationship with Director Pete Brooks in 2005 and the direction the work has taken in its exploration of the boundaries between theatre and technology.


We make specific learning opportunities for each of our touring shows. These include:

Digital learning packs that feature insights into the rehearsal room and creation process, interviews with company members, exercises to help share our methodology, as well as research and essays that highlight the contextual history of the world our work inhabits. For the most recent digital learning pack for Night of the Living Dead Remix, please visit https://www.imitatingthedog.co.uk/night-of-the-living-dead-learning/

We provide specific workshop and learning opportunities, including hosting students in our rehearsal room and offering mentoring sessions to groups of young people.

We host post-show Q+As at tour venues, where audiences can come to learn more about our work and our process


Arts Award


We are an Arts Award Supporter, and as such offer events and opportunities to young people to achieve their Arts Award. If you’re an Arts Award Centre, then the following are the primary ways we can help:


→ Post-show discussions where young people can talk about arts events
→ Mentorship to young people for their arts skills share


→ We provide a workshop which shares routes into and various careers in the arts industry from our team who work in multiple disciplines


→ We deliver workshops on our technical process to learn new skills
→ Mentorship to young people on researching and making work in response to our practice.