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Bog-in-a-Box Scheme

31st January 2020 by Morven Macbeth

ITD have made a commitment at board level to reduce our carbon footprint. Last year, we totted up our activities – making shows, touring, getting from A to B, you name it! – and worked out our carbon footprint. And this year, we’ve been setting about reducing that. You can read more about our findings and how we plan to become more environmentally sustainable here.

Whilst our main drive is to reduce our carbon footprint, we also decided to invest in an off-setting project. It was important to us to choose a project which was in our region, and also something which had a great legacy. So we invested in Lancashire Wildlife Trust’s ‘Bog in a Box’ scheme, a fantastic project which gets local school children involved with local mosslands and restoration work.

The young people help to create the boxes which help re-vegetate degraded mosslands. It’s a fun way people can learn about the mosslands and their importance, and get hands-on. Our donation will help the Trust to create between 120 & 150 Bog in a Boxes. Hurrah!

There are all sorts of ways to support the Trust – from making a donation to becoming a member to volunteering time – find out more on their website.

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