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Introducing a new member of the team

5th September 2018 by Morven Macbeth

David Callanan has been working with Co-Artistic Director Simon Wainwright on the video design for Theatre by the Lake’s recent production of Sense & Sensibility. Here he is on how he got started and what excites him most about his work:

I started out as (and still am) a theatre maker, and I think I naturally was attracted to technology and the options and challenges it presented. By the time I had finished my degree I along with six other graduates had created a show that we were really proud of and it went on to do a small tour with a stop at NSDF, where I won an award for the design, which was driven by video. The shows set was cardboard boxes that were always coloured in and animated with projection. And from that point I started doing freelance and full time gigs as a video programmer and/or designer, and now I’m here.

I became aware of ITD during my degree, and literally wrote my dissertation on imitating the dogs’ work which has been a really formative part of my understanding of video in performance and the intersections between film and performance, how interesting it can be to purposely conflate those two mediums.

The main thing I enjoy is the variety but it also really appeals to my mindset and the way I like to work. For example, while you are working on a show it can become pretty all-consuming and I really like that feeling of being absorbed by my work. I’m really looking forward to Light Up Lancaster with ITD. I’ve done mainly indoor theatre work in the last couple of months, so it will be fun to be outside again doing a building. I’m also looking forward to doing the first preview of idontloveyouanymore’s (a company I co-founded) new show, This is Where the Magic Happens, although there is still a bit to do technologically on that so it’s maybe excitement mixed with terror.

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