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11th July 2018 by Morven Macbeth

Sitting in Jakarta airport waiting to fly across to Makassar on Sulawesi (where the Indonesian leg of the tour kicks off), here’s some thoughts from the company on international touring and how Nocturnes is going so far:

Q: Best thing about being in Hong Kong, performing at the Tai Kwun Centre for Heritage & Arts?

A: experiencing a city whilst being there to work – it opens it up in an entirely different way

A: being so well looked after by the team at the theatre

A: being part of Tai Kwun’s inaugural theatre season and coming for the first time to the city where both my brothers were born. I feel like I remember Hong Kong from looking at black and white photographs of the city when I was little so it’s been amazing to actually be here and see how much it’s changed

Q: What’s surprised you the most about being here?

A: finding a Liverpool supporters bar that was completely empty

A: the scale of everything

A: the steamy humidity

A: how you cannot possibly get bored of noodles

A: how civil everyone is to each other in such a tight urban space

Q: What are you most looking forward to now we’re on the way to Indonesia?

A: performing Nocturnes in both a 1400 capacity theatre with a 14m wide proscenium arch and in an under-construction shopping mall.

A: meeting and working with local artists

A: the food of course!

Q: What have been the biggest technical challenges so far?

A: managing luggage. As we’re taking all the technology for the show and for the workshops with us on two different airlines (rather than shipping it) this has caused some scratching of heads at security. Also turning the space around between a workshop and a performance.

Q: And finally, what creature comforts have you brought from home?

A: books

A: an emergency poncho and a brolly

A: a podger

A: Mickey Mouse mints

A: a freezer bag full of washing powder

I’ll leave you to guess who brought what from that range of answers!

Looking forward to Makassar and Jakarta and to the return of Pete’s travel blog (remember Batumi)?

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