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Filming for Nocturnes – a post from Reggie Doherty, Costume Designer

11th September 2017 by Morven Macbeth

My name is Reggie Doherty and I am a costume designer, artist and costumier who worked on the wardrobe for Nocturnes. I joined the team whilst they were working on the filming aspect of the piece in Lancaster. It did not take long for me to be drawn in to this fascinating world that imitating the dog were creating together.

After discussions with the cast, crew and directors I quickly picked up on the mood and feeling they wanted to evoke and also the end goal of what they wanted the filmed portion of the piece to achieve. I particularly enjoyed exploring the many different cinematic and historical references that they were drawing from for inspiration. It was these conversations early on that I felt were crucial to me as it helped me better understand the world they were creating in the film – and how these could be translated onto camera through clothing, hair and make up.

The period in which the filmed portion is set was also an interesting area of research, 1950’s post-war Berlin. The things to explore were vast and my curiosity piqued; research here became key, to get the historicity correct but also how can you use and manipulate this to reflect the script and the final vision? Then to combine all these elements with the idea that there will be stage action as well and how do these two compliment and contrast one another – well it felt like a very tall order!

The creative vision of the company was clear and through hard work and dialogue I feel that the end results were successful and visually communicated the ideas we had discussed during filming. Working with imitating the dog was an enriching experience which has enabled me to develop my own practice and allowed me to explore costume design within a new medium. I wish them every success on their tour.

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