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beginnings on Nocturnes

4th December 2016 by Morven Macbeth

We’ve very recently completed a research and development period at Theatre by the Lake in Keswick and at Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University (formerly LICA) on what will be our next show Nocturnes which has been on the back burner now for a while, simmering away quietly. Needless to say, the scenery in Keswick especially was absolutely stunning at this time of year but we tried our collective damnedest to concentrate on the inside of the studio theatre instead. Outside of lunch breaks of course, which meant a quick dash down to the water or along to Friar’s Crag to watch the sun start to slowly start to give up for the day over the tops of the…anyway – I digress. You see what happens?!

Inside the studio meanwhile our world began as an exploration of what an ITD show would be like if we stripped everything all the way back: a table, some chairs, a small box full of hand props, one projection screen and some microphones. Bits of script. An idea of a 1950s soundstage – or an interrogation room. What do we read and receive by what we see and hear, what do we believe based on these immediate stimuli and signals, on screen and live in front us as an audience? For the first time we invited two ‘research audiences’ to come and see and most importantly to feed back on what we’d produced over the R&D period. Thank you to everyone who came to be part of those audiences at each venue. The arising discussions are now very much a part of an ongoing conversation and the development of the piece.




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