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THE TRAIN – beginning the journey

9th September 2015 by Morven Macbeth

Having taken A Farewell to Arms to Teatro delle Muse in Ancona in December 2014 and on a short Italian tour thereafter, we began a conversation with the very good people of Marche Teatro about working on a new performance piece together. The scenographic idea for The Train or Il Treno is one that has been running around our heads for some time now and there are glimpses of the ideas upon which the show is based in the The Zero Hour. Work on the set construction began last month with the team in Italy realising Laura Hopkins’ design and the rest of the company have headed out steadily over the last two weeks and work will start in earnest on set tomorrow.

Pete, Andrew and three of the core acting company have been working over recent days with the two Italian actors who will perform the protagonist roles here in Ancona (Laura Graziosi & Dario Iubatti), where the show will run for a month from the end of September. We’ve been introducing them to our process, the ideas behind the show, working on the early drafts of the script before we get onto the set in the Salone delle Feste tomorrow. As with all imitating the dog shows, the scenography is key to the audience’s reading of the piece and understanding of the story and working on set gives us clues as to the direction of the devising process and refining of the narrative structure. We’re exploring a lot of new territory on this project and working closely for the first time with sound designer Rory Howson. The initial drafts of the score from composer Jeremy Peyton Jones, who we worked with on The Zero Hour and A Farewell to Arms are sounding fantastic already. Jeremy joins the rest of the company here in Ancona next week.

I can’t promise a Black Sea Blog (a Pete Brooks one off I reckon) but certainly some of us will be posting as we go and tweeting as usual so check back to the website or our facebook page for updates over the coming weeks.

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