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In the Spring ITD’s fancy turns to thoughts of lots of new exciting projects!

1st June 2015 by Morven Macbeth

Well there’s a LOT happening on the plotting front at least in ITD Towers and we’re very excited about the projects we’ve got coming up – some a bit more under wraps than others for now to be honest but here’s a wee bit about what we’ve got coming up over the next few months.

Plans for making a new show around the idea of a literally out-of-this-world train journey have come on apace and we will be working with a theatre in Italy as well as with some Italian actors in September on the first incarnation of the project. The company is fortunate enough to take work to Europe and indeed further afield but every opportunity we get to collaborate with practitioners from another theatre culture we jump at, the re-staging of The Zero Hour earlier this year in Batumi, Georgia being a great example. So we’re all really looking forward to seeing where this takes us. We’re working again with designer Laura Hopkins (whose early drawings are looking incredible) and Jeremy Peyton-Jones will be writing the score so things are shaping up very nicely indeed at this early stage.

There’s a great project we’re discussing with Contact, Manchester at the moment which is looking really rather tremendous – details on that will be announced over the next few weeks…

On top of that little lot we’re hatching plans for another adaptation of a major novel – it’s a bold choice but we love a challenge us. We’ve got some R&D coming up on making a promenade piece made possible (and hopefully wonderful) by drones which will find us working again with Will Simpson of OMNI and, speaking of which, we’re also coming up with ideas alongside Barney George (also of OMNI) for a silent theatre show. There’s a whole world of possibilities as it turns out if initial brainstorming sessions are anything to go by so we’ll keep you updated with progress on those conversations.

Think that’s quite enough to be going on with but will be posting more news on all of the above and more in due course. Enjoy the summer and we’ll be letting you know what we think is a must-see in Edinburgh come August when all the blossom on the Meadows will be gone, replaced by a gazillion theatre types having beers and BBQs between shows (should you feel in need of yet another opinion on the matter)!


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