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Black Sea Blog #11 – Pete Brooks

6th February 2015 by Morven Macbeth

As my colleagues, clearly intimidated by having to follow in my footsteps, refuse to write today’s blog and as some of you out there will be interested to hear how it all went last night, I’ve decided to write an additional Black Sea Blog.

A final chapter.

Tomorrow we have no commitments so our driver is going to take us sightseeing, no sitting in a dark theatre and no writing about it. Our plane goes late afternoon.

Yesterday was difficult. Will was programming Isadora up until the house opened with Simon and Crofty helping with it remotely. At one point Will was on the stage with his iPhone so that Simon, in the UK could see the projection screen via Skype. Simon had remotely accessed the PC here and was adjusting the projections from Otley. It is amazing what the technology allows, not simply creatively, by also in terms of how one can work at a distance. Anyway, the show opened well and everything went smoothly for the first 15 minutes, at which point one of the on stage projectors cut out for a couple of seconds and as a result reset everything. We lost back projection and sound for about 10 minutes. Somehow Will managed to recover and the show then ran, with only minor issues, to the end. It was a very serious fail, and it seems that it was caused by someone accidentally switching off and then back on one of the projectors, so there was some consolation in that the fault did not appear to do with us. It was a horrible experience and at the end we all felt pretty bad,. Amazingly however the audience clearly loved it, so Goga our Georgian director quickly cheered up. The show ended with the longest curtain call I’ve ever seen, and in which we were, embarrassingly, also included. This was followed by a pretty elaborate reception at which the Minister of Culture said he felt proud for Georgian Theatre and the great and good of Batumi shook our hands, kissed our cheeks and took selfies. We drank too much but behaved well and then went to a restaurant with Goga and our British Council hosts where we drank some more and behaved less well.

So despite the issues it feels like we have got through the process more or less intact. We are waiting for tonight’s performance to start, and having worked on it all day, we’re hoping for a clean show.  You live in hope.

Signing off until the next project. Take care.


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