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Black Sea Blog #10 – Pete Brooks

5th February 2015 by Morven Macbeth

It’s show day.

We finished late last night and started again early this morning. It’s certainly been hard work; we’ve done 10 consecutive 12-14 hour days, and Will has frequently worked on in the hotel after we’ve finished at the theatre. But all good things must come to an end, and barring last minute technological meltdown (which is not unheard of in ITD shows) at 7.00 pm this evening the Georgian premiere of The Zero Hour will take place and we’ll have time to think about things other than digital mask positions and cable interference. We may even be able to eat dinner before midnight in a restaurant where the kitchen is still open.

I know that this will come as a disappointment to many of you but this will be my last Black Sea blog entry. I will try to persuade my colleagues to continue but, as The Mist in the Mirror is now up and running in Oldham and we have no new projects on the immediate horizon, it may be that the ITD blog will go quiet for a while. The company will be applying to funding bodies for new work that we hope to make in the autumn and there are plans to retour A Farewell to Arms. As a company we are determined to break the pattern of recent years whereby periods of frenzied activity are followed by long stretches when the company is inactive. So hopefully there will be ITD shows around later in the year and, if anybody reading this is not Laura A or Matty P, please come and see them.


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