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Black Sea Blog #8 – Pete Brooks

4th February 2015 by Morven Macbeth

Andrew has finally arrived with the graphics card, although not the Marmite.

Everything’s now working properly, and we’ve moved the control positions from their rehearsal location in the auditorium to where they’ll be during performances. Yesterday there was a run through with tech of the show which went fine. The actors know their tracks and the technical aspects of the show, which are primarily our responsibility, are rapidly improving. Today there will be dress runs, and I expect that we will gradually withdraw from the rehearsal process as the Georgian tech crew take over from Will.

All in all it’s going as well as could be expected, and we are beginning to look forward to, rather than worry about, the imminence of Thursday’s opening.

Unfortunately, just as the prospect of some time off seems realistic, the weather, which until now has been beautiful looks like it is going to turn bad. The first rain since we have been here is forecast for tomorrow and the temperature is expected to drop from today’s sunny 22C to a miserable 12.

Andrew and I walked around Batumi this morning buying things to take home and checking out the street markets; now that the project is in its final stages, I’m starting to think about going back to London. I will have been away for two weeks and my kids look forward to the stuff I bring back; even the little bottles of shampoo that hotels provide are received with amazing enthusiasm. I still have plenty of local currency left so as well as those they’ll be getting some rather nice felt hats, and if I can find one I’m hoping to get a Kilim for Rosie’s dolls house in Istanbul airport. They had them there 4 years ago, a whole range of miniature carpets in traditional patterns, but stupidly I forgot to look for them when I was stuck in the airport last week. On the way back we leave Batumi at 1730 and there’s a two hour layover in Istanbul. Even so, because of the time difference we are scheduled to arrive in Heathrow at 2230 which makes it a very different proposition to the outward journey when I left Heathrow at 2230 and arrived here at 1700 the next day. On reflection this discrepancy seems kind of appropriate because Georgia at the same time seems both very close and very far from the centre of Europe.


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