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Black Sea Blog #3 – Pete Brooks

29th January 2015 by Morven Macbeth


We have had a bit of a breakthrough today. Until now the back projected images have been barely visible when seen filmed and re-projected onto the front screen. We had been putting more light on the actors but the problem wasn’t getting any better. The problem, it transpires, is that we have professional cameramen who have been adjusting the gain to compensate for the stage lighting levels. From the perspective of the camera monitor, which is of course correct from their point of view, this would make sense but it does not work for the realisation of the show.  We had been turning up the gain on the cameras and switching them off automatic mode, but the cameramen had been simply switching back when the images on the monitors were obviously over lit.


Anyway, that’s now stopped and we are starting to see an acceptable image quality. Will Simpson has been working hard on the back projection material and that too is beginning to look show quality. On the down side the new projector isn’t yet up and running and the show computer is still stuck in customs. As I pointed out yesterday new problems occur as quickly as the old ones are solved.


There is a four hour time difference between here and the UK but we are in pretty constant contact with our colleagues in Oldham for one reason or another. As well as working on The Mist in the Mirror, Simon and Crofty have been an important part in solving the problems here. The show there in Oldham previews tomorrow and the three of us here are keeping our fingers crossed for everyone.


I’d write more about Batumi but we don’t do much except work and sleep. I can report however that the food here is excellent. Walnuts feature in a lot of dishes and although the food is quite familiar it also has some distinctive aspects. We read that it’s snowing in the UK which is strange. Morven and I were considering a swim in the sea.



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