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Black Sea Blog #2 – Pete Brooks

28th January 2015 by Morven Macbeth

Today has started well. Will has managed to improve radically the quality of the back projection images and the new front of house projector has arrived. We are working with equipment which is a little less powerful than we normally use so we are having to use every trick we know to increase the clarity of the projected images. I spent some time today working with the lighting which I expect will also improve the overall look of what we are currently dealing with. The bad news is that the show PC which has been in the UK for programming is still stuck in customs in Tbilisi so we are running rehearsals from a laptop with some loss of functionality.

Rehearsals are as always just a series of problems which require solutions, things go well when you manage to solve existing problems quicker than new ones arise. Since I started writing this paragraph a new one has arisen,

to Will  “is it a problem you understand?”

from Will “I’m just going through a process of elimination.”

So no real clarity there. To paraphrase an old joke, being a director is like being a mushroom, you sit in the dark while shit falls on you.

Morven and I spend some time discussing ideas for new shows. We want to produce new work more regularly and hopefully we’ll soon be raising funds for  some new shows to be seen later this year. We are excited by our discussions. Being here and remaking The Zero Hour is great, but making new work is where the challenge and the satisfaction lies.


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