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quick word mid-Italy…

8th December 2014 by Morven Macbeth

This is going to be a very quick one as we’re midway through our visit to Italy with ‘A Farewell to Arms’ and it’s been brilliant so far, it really has. Teatro Vascello in Rome was a great place to start. I realise I’m stating the bleeding obvious but what a city and we’ve just finished at Teatro delle Muse in Ancona. We were there for four days and had the chance to talk to members of the audience at both venues actually, but particularly being in Ancona for a few days gave us the chance to bump into people outside the theatre who’d seen the show the night before and have a proper chat about it. More on that thought next time.

We’re coming towards the end of the autumn tour now, it’s been pretty eventful all in all but everyone is still speaking to each other, in fact voluntarily spending what down time we get in one another’s company which can only be a good sign (see ‘van factor’ in the casting blog!) and frankly being in Italy is making it a veritable pleasure.

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