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Production Week on A Farewell to Arms

8th October 2014 by Morven Macbeth

Here we are at the beginning of production week already and it honestly seems like two days since we started rehearsals instead of two weeks in one way and yet I think we all have the feeling we’ve been working on the show for at least a month.

Which is a good sign I suppose as any ‘normal’ process would usually involve a four week rehearsal period into production week. It’s been many things so far – intense, rocky in patches, eye wateringly funny, loud, hard work, calm, concentrated – often all within the same hour.

Being at the Dukes with the acting company rehearsing in the studio space next door to the main stage as the set came together has been an absolute godsend, especially under the very new circumstances (for imitating the dog at least) of staging a production in this way. Doing character work and running scenes, getting stuck, coming through to the stage space to wander around the set, going back into the rehearsal room with new ideas or new places to start off from has been hugely productive and saved us a lot of time. As with all our work, it’s the coming together of the soundscape with the projections and lighting design, with the set, with the story and this time with the plotting of camera shots that makes the process alive and exciting and, of course, challenging.

It’s been something of a baptism of fire for the three performers who are new to the company, it’s Joshua Johnson’s first job out of drama school for goodness’ sake, and they’ve all been incredible. Everyone is really looking forward to the previews on Friday 10th & Saturday 11th at the Dukes and to getting an audience in.


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