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STREET is a collection of real stories from the people of Cumbria – from Barrow to Brough, and Carlisle to Kendal and the villages and towns in between – retold as miniature digital installations. Watch all 5 episodes below.


Karen: a story of family and generations past, of hard work, and of the things we wish people got to experience and the conversations we never got to have. “When I used to ask her to tell me about her life she’d say ‘oh, hard, hard days, you don’t want to know about that it was hard’ which was a shame really.”


Alex: a story of moving to Cumbria to experience the joy of finding space and time to slow down, of finding quiet beauty in a gorgeous landscape. “One thing I really love about living here is the sense that I’m just a drop in the ocean or the bat of an eyelash when it comes to time.”


Keith: a story of space and magic, of finding something you love and running with it, and the dangers of pyrotechnics. “It’s great, you can just turn up in your normal clothes, chuck the cape on, and suddenly you’re transformed into a space travelling magician.”


Tilly: a story of growing up, of playing games and adventuring, of yearning for change, and realising all the good that’s around you. “As a child, a lot younger. It was freeing. You felt a lot safer.”


Jean: a story of change, things to come, and the small brilliant moments of your life that stick with you forever.  “And it was like something classic out of a Ken Loach movie, because we actually asked this bus conductor as he went past – hey Mister, do cats have souls?”


  • Barrow Public Library
  • National Lottery
  • Susan Benson – Cumbria Archive
  • Mary Elliot
  • Fraser at “Amy’s Care” Keswick

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  • Contributors/Participants
  • Alex Jacob-Whitworth
  • David Clancy
  • Louise & Steph at “Amy’s Care” Keswick
  • Suzanne Elsworth
  • Jean McSorley
  • Andrew Doling
  • Karen McVea Roberts
  • Keith Redfern
  • Gary Bridgens
  • Sue Kysh
  • Dennis McGeary
  • Lynden Carter
  • Alison Park
  • Monica Tweddle
  • Simon Kurt Unsworth
  • Kevin Sealby
  • Johnathan Humble
  • Jemmima Longcake
  • Becca Roberts
  • Sarah Haynes
  • Adrian Thiedeman
  • Kerry Gossio
  • Mathew Copley
  • Tilly Woof
  • Director – Andrew Quick & Simon Wainwright
  • Video Designer – Simon Wainwright
  • Assistant Video Designer – David Callanan
  • Foley Design – Adam Steed
  • Theme music – Steve McWade
  • Music played by James Hamilton
  • Initial Technical Design – Andrew Crofts
  • Initial House Design – Matthew Tully
  • Captions – Steve McWade
  • Engagement – Steve Fairclough
  • Model Plan – Simon Fletcher
  • Learning and Access – Laurence Young


  • Laura Atherton
  • Morven Macbeth
  • Emma Rydal
  • Matt Prendergast
  • Will James Holstead
  • Luke Bigg
  • Morgan Bailey
  • Adela Rajnović
  • Julie Brown
  • Andrew Quick