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Night of the Living Dead™ - Remix

An imitating the dog and Leeds Playhouse Co-production

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD ™ – REMIX, the live stage show, was presented by courtesy of Image Ten, Inc. The production opened at Leeds Playhouse on 28th January 2020 and toured UK venues until 14th March 2020, when the tour came to an early end when restrictions were put in place due to Coronavirus. This recording was filmed during dress rehearsal at Leeds Playhouse in January 2020.

NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD is ™ and © Image Ten, Inc.  All Rights Reserved / Filmed by Sodium Films / AGE GUIDANCE: 15+ / RUNNING TIME: 1hr 38mins

This film has been spliced together out of different recordings made during dress rehearsals at Leeds Playhouse in January 2020 so please excuse any slight audio-video sync issues. We hope you enjoy it.

Introduction messages from original cast members Russ Streiner (Johnny) and  Judith O’Dea (Barbra):

Seven strangers take refuge from flesh eating ‘ghouls’ in an isolated farmhouse.  As the night draws in, their situation becomes desperate, hope turns to despair, and the picket-fence American dream is smashed apart.

Seven performers enter the stage armed with cameras. Can they recreate the film, shot-for-shot before our eyes, using whatever they can lay their hands on?

50 years after the release of George A.Romero’s politically charged zombie movie, imitating the dog and Leeds Playhouse create a love-song to the original 1960s film, retelling it as a searing story for now.

With Thanks to

The Leeds Playhouse workshop and wardrobe teams. All the staff at Leeds Playhouse.

Russ Streiner and the team at Image Ten.

Rich Warburton and the team at Theatre in the Mill. Conrad Lynch and the team at the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal and Caroline Barnett at ArtsScape. Em Cena Festival, Porto Alegre and Marco Turcich.

With thanks to Granger Historical Picture Archive for usage of the JFK photograph.

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  • Andrew Quick – Co-Director
  • Pete Brooks – Co-Director
  • Simon Wainwright – Projection and Video Design
  • Andrew Crofts – Lighting Design
  • Laura Hopkins – Set and Costume Design
  • James Hamilton – Composer
  • Anna Marshall – Assistant Director
  • Alan Cox – Video Systems Designer
  • David Callanan – Assistant Video Designer
  • Chris Clay – Production Manager
  • Steve McWade – Foley Designer
  • Adam Steed – Sound Engineer
  • Sarah Holland – Wardrobe Supervisor
  • Laurence Young – Learning & Access Officer
  • Jane Morgan – Tour Marketing Manager
  • Duncan Clarke – Tour PR Manager
  • Ed Waring – Photographer
  • Henrietta Duckworth – Tour Booker


  • Laura Atherton
  • Morgan Bailey
  • Luke Bigg
  • Will Holstead
  • Morven Macbeth
  • Matt Prendergast
  • Adela Rajnović
  • Matthew Tully