The Creative Hub, The Storey Meeting House Lane Lancaster, LA1 1TH

Older People’s Participation Day

Theatre by the Lake, March 2019

Participants (all aged 55+) explored digital scenography and some of the techniques and hands-on-use of the technology and equipment we use as a company when creating a piece of theatre.

The group learned how the projectors link up to the live feed from the cameras and began exploring the use of cameras in the space, the scenographic considerations of this mode of theatre-making and how an audience might read the space and receive a story.

Participants also performed short scenes, some of the participants filming as some performed in the space, whilst others watched from the auditorium and gave feedback. Scenes were then re-worked, re-configured, re-staged in response, all held within an on-going conversation around the relationship between the recorded elements in the space, the footage on the projection screens, and the live elements, the actors and the camera operators.