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Oh The Night!

“…on they flew, higher and higher and higher up into the sky and off into the night until…until…that’s enough for tonight, time to go to sleep.”

For one child on one night, deep in the winter, that’s just not enough. It might be bedtime and it might be late but without the end to the story how can they possibly sleep. What’s happened to the characters? Where have they gone? Are they just stranded there waiting for earth to turn its circle so their story can carry on the next night? Or are they frozen in time? Are they lost in the night? Just like her.

So they decide to find out. To venture out into the night and see where they’ve gone. They creep past the grown-ups, out of the house and to who knows where to find out what happens and how their story ends. But when they gets out there they find not just their story but lots and lots of others…thousands of them. All lost in the night and waiting for the end to be told. They finds bears and foxes, monsters and ghouls, elves and wizards all stranded in the night, hiding or hunting, not knowing who to scare or where to run. They finds the Hey Hey girl with the red slippers. The Teeny Burpers…The Wise Old Owl…more and more and more…all stuck in a place between.

So they decide to go on a journey through the night, to the morning and to the safety of the light.

Oh The Night! combined elements of bedtime stories gathered from around the north of Europe to create a new fable for 2018. The work was commissioned by Absolutely Cultured for Urban Legends: Northern Lights and featured a Community Chorus and soundtrack from Lau Nau.


  • Story & Video Design: Simon Wainwright
  • Music: Lau Nau
  • Assistant Video Designer: David Callanan
  • Community Chorus leader: James Hamilton
  • Commissioned by Absolutely Cultured as part of Urban Legends: Northern Lights
  • Photos by Chris Pepper, Tom Arran and Shot by Sodium
  • Show Video by Shot by Sodium and imitating the dog


  • Georgie Harris
  • Mia Gaddis
  • Freddy Etherton-Wainwright
  • Laura Atherton
  • Morgan Bailey