The Creative Hub, The Storey Meeting House Lane Lancaster, LA1 1TH


There’s no better place than Home Sweet Home, but when the big bad wolf knocks at the door, where do we run to, where do we find safety? For HouseDown we teamed up with Hip Hop artist Testament in the grounds of Lancaster’s most recognisable ‘house’, for a fun live music and video mapping experience.

Working with local schools in Lancaster and with schoolchildren from across the globe, we created a story from their drawings, exploring what the notion of ‘home’ means to young people today. Using digital animation, video-mapping, Testament’s live soundtrack and elements of the thousands of drawings received from around the world, a recognisable story unfolded on the high castle walls: a story of friendship, family and the importance of a place to call home.

Schools workshops kindly supported by the Granada Foundation

Drawings provided by:
CCC Kam Kong Primary School, Hong Kong
Citic Lake Bilingual International School, Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
Sekolah Cikal Serpong, Jakarta, Indonesia
Binus School, Jarkarta, Indonesia
Bal Sansar Montessori Academy, Pokhara, Nepal
João XXIII School, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Mount Laverna School, Nairobi, Kenya
Bowerham School, Lancaster, England
Action Factory, Blackburn, England


  • Video Design by Simon Wainwright
  • Soundtrack by Testament
  • Assistant Video Designer: David Callanan