The Creative Hub, The Storey Meeting House Lane Lancaster, LA1 1TH

Fragments of a Visitor

June 2020, Utrecht, Netherlands

Fragments of a Visitor is a digital work created by students from Utrecht University in The Netherlands, mentored by imitating the dog. This project was completed remotely over Zoom, with imitating the dog providing the tools and technical expertise to help create Fragments of a Visitor, along with artistic mentorship to students for the direction of the piece.

Fragments of a Visitor is an on-line detective story that follows the mysterious death of a Taiwanese woman who is visiting Utrecht during a global pandemic. Drawing on video games and web-based fiction, the player, retraces this woman’s journey through a series of digital fragments and encounters as they begin to put together her tragic and mysterious story. Layering CCTV footage, specially created YouTube music videos, TV news footage, vlogs, Wikipedia pages, paranormal forums, photographs, soundtracks and other information.

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