The Creative Hub, The Storey Meeting House Lane Lancaster, LA1 1TH

Five Miles and Falling

You are led down a corridor into what appears to be a lift. The doors close and scenes glimpsed through the windows give the impression of violent motion. Vistas onto extraordinary landscapes are momentarily revealed as the lift attempts to locate the correct floor. Through the juxtaposition of image, voice-over and live action a narrative emerges: an arranged meeting, a fatal accident and the playing out of a potential, though impossible, relationship. Part romance and part thriller, this combination of film, video projection, live action and radical design confirms imitating the dog’s reputation as one of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies.

Outside of performance times, visitors may explore the lift and corridor, within which they find themselves onscreen, physically implicated in the disturbing world of the piece. A third chamber houses a meticulously constructed environment, where 10,000 photographs spill off a desk and across the floor of a room whose windows look out onto vertigo-inducing cloudscapes.

Five Miles and Falling was funded by Arts Council England and commissioned by Leeds Metropolitan University Gallery and Studio Theatre.


  • Written and directed by Andrew Quick with the company
  • Video editing by Mark Wordsworth and Seth Honnor
  • Design: Simon Wainwright


  • Alice Booth
  • Richard Malcolm