The Creative Hub, The Storey Meeting House Lane Lancaster, LA1 1TH


A lone figure enters onto a raked stage – its surface littered with tin cans that glisten in the half-light. His movements are meticulous as he filters the precious liquid from each vessel. The calm is about to be violently disturbed. A storm is coming and intruders are on their way to play out the final scenes of their lives: scenes which will tell a story of the end of the world. In the landscape of Ark toxic rain floods an unnamed country devastated by catastrophe. A group of lost survivors take refuge in a shack – a resting point from which to orientate themselves and move on to a place of safety. They try to come to terms with the expiring world around them aided by their short-wave radio which sporadically spews out pockets of information – foreign voices, songs, memories, reference points.

Histories, stories, facts and fictions haunt them as they attempt to place themselves on a map where the co-ordinates are forever shifting. In this place they are compelled to confront their pasts, imagine futures and think of the world anew. Forced to drink the contaminated water, realities finally break down and their behaviour becomes physical, brutal and their language delirious as they turn to look into the eye of the storm.

Ark is performance that attacks the senses, moving from scenes of poetic beauty which recall the cinema of Tarkovsky, to moments that are a strange mixture of intense physicality and slapstick comedy. imitating the dog continue to make theatre that uncompromisingly reflects life at the end of the Twentieth Century, interrogating the politics of place and identity – the apparent cause of so much of its conflict.


“They have a fine eye for powerful visual images and a real understanding of how stillness can be a creative adjunct to both tension and poignancy”


  • Written and directed by the company with Andrew Quick


  • Alice Booth
  • Seth Honnor
  • Simon Wainwright
  • Charlotte Stuart
  • Richard Malcolm