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6 Degrees Below The Horizon

6 Degrees Below the Horizon is a macabre and playful tale involving sailors, pimps, barflies, chorus girls and nightclub singers. In this startling and visually stunning new work the audience view the action through windows and moving frames to piece together a modern fable of failed dreams, lost love and the guilt of absent fatherhood.

Building on the recent successes of Hotel Methuselah and Kellerman, Leeds based imitating the dog create a memorable and immersive experience for the audience in this captivating fusion of cinema and theatre. Part French film, part Edwardian vaudeville and drawing on the works of Genet, Wedekind, and Brecht, 6 Degrees Below the Horizon takes its audiences on a delightful and twisted voyage into a shadowy world in which there are no certainties.

6 Degrees Below the Horizon is supported by Arts Council England and orginated from work done on Tales from the Bar of Lost Souls which made in collaboration with The National Theatre of Greece and Cyprus Theatre Organisation as part of the British Council Creative Collaboration programme.


“a masterful and delectable fusion of theatre and cinema”
“6 Degrees is one of the most interesting and immersive pieces you’re likely to see all year.”
“although it drops some big names in the publicity material it is far from inaccessible or lofty – a fact attested to by the appreciative young audience who marvelled at the production’s technological wizadry (and) its wit”


  • Written and directed by Andrew Quick and Pete Brooks with the company
  • Video design by Simon Wainwright
  • Design by imitating the dog
  • Costume Design by Laura Hopkins and Simon Kenny
  • Soundtrack by Hope and Social and Piotr Woycicki
  • Touring technicians Andrew Crofts and Ian Ryan


  • Morven Macbeth
  • Adam Nash
  • Anna Wilson-Hall
  • Laura Atherton
  • Matt Prendergast
  • Nicholas Cass-Beggs
  • Jonathan Coleman
  • Ian Ryan