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Yorkshire Electric

2018-2019 / Sited Work / Video & Production Design

imitating the dog & Phil Supple

Yorkshire Electric is a journey from the dales to the coast through the unforgettable footage of the Yorkshire Film Archive. Using video mapping, intricate lighting and a soundtrack from Hope & Social the show transformed the Spa Theatre, Scarborough and offered the audience the opportunity to wander through 100 years of Yorkshire lives and landscapes, from the farming hills to the holiday beaches and back again.

Bringing together award winning theatre and projection company imitating the dog and architectural lighting specialist Phil Supple the piece offered the opportunity to enjoy rarely seen footage of a century of Yorkshire life in your own time.


Lighting Design: Phil Supple

Video Design: Simon Wainwright

Programming: Andrew Crofts

Technical: Joules McCready & Simon Fletcher

Soundtrack: Hope & Social

Soundtrack remixed by Ed Waring and James Hamilton

Commissioned by Coastival

Thanks to Yorkshire Film Archive