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Dracula: The Untold Story and Dracula on Demand

Extra Bites

3 fictional featurettes.

1 dynamic documentary.

4 enthralling Extra Bites of Dracula: The Untold Story for you to feast on.

Created with the style and flair of our stage production of Dracula: The Untold Story, but with the feel and focus of film bonus features, as a nod to our watch online option Dracula on Demand snap up these Extra Bites for some fascinating behind-the-scenes info.

Extra Bites created by imitating the dog and Sodium Films

Lead Designer for Sodium Films: Oli Jameson
Film Content Creation for Sodium Films: Tom Box & Denmark Creary
Producer for Sodium Films: Phil Barber


In these fictional featurettes, our performers, filmmakers and writers deliver a creative conversation about what it’s like to take on their role. Each of these short pieces delves into a character from the production, digging a little deeper into what makes them tick.

Chapter 1: Riana Duce (Mina Harker)

“It’s quite a challenge performing Mina Harker. I really like her. I mean, who wouldn’t? She’s got a lot of attitude.”

Chapter 2: Matt Prendergast (DS Donaldson)

“Mina challenges his moral principles, his belief systems. He’s a rationalist, I suppose, and she presents him with a version of evil that he can’t fathom.”

Chapter 3: Adela Rajnović (WS Williams)

“[Mina and Williams] are both a kind of new woman. Mina was challenging Victorian attitudes and values, whereas [Williams] is challenging 1950s’ attitudes towards women.”

Documentary: Dracula: The Untold Story – The Process

Take a closer look behind the curtain and behind the camera and see all that it takes to bring a production like Dracula: The Untold Story to stage (and eventually screen) during a period like no other.

The cast and creatives took a moment during performance dates at The Lowry, Salford to reflect on what it’s been like to be a part of this unique interpretation of an iconic evil, and the pulsating process behind it all.

With thanks to:

The Sodium team
The imitating the dog team
The cast and creative team of Dracula: The Untold Story
Co-producers Leeds Playhouse
The Lowry

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