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Treading Lightly on Tour – Top 20 Tips

Added 4th October 2021

The Green Space

A list of resources and ideas to help us tread more lightly.

  1. Bring your own refillable water bottle and reusable coffee cup
  2. Bring your own Tupperware, a fork and a spoon from home to take on tour with you
  3. A resealable bag of washing powder brought from home is a tour essential
  4. Bring your own refillable bottles of shampoo/conditioner and a dish of soap from home – a great way to reduce plastic waste on the road
  5. Try using shampoo and deodorant bars and reusable make up pads
  6. Take a small hand towel from home to use in dressing rooms
  7. Check the environmental policy of hotels and B&Bs where you’ll be staying
  8. Go paperless and plastic-free for your travel cards and receipts as much as possible
  9. Do you really need a paper copy of the script? Worth asking yourself the question!
  10. Always carry a reusable shopping bag with you
  11. Locate recycling facilities over the route of the tour
  12. Prep and bring along your own in-house recycling system
  13. Look into using ultra-low-emissions touring vehicles
  14. Support audiences to use public transport
  15. Check if the suppliers you’re using have sound environmental policies
  16. Use
  17. Are you really in a hurry? Consider this when planning travel options
  18. Take fewer and longer trips when flying (and only flying when necessary)
  19. Carry your own set of headphones
  20. If you’re staying in hotels, order from a menu to reduce food-waste from buffets