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Fragments of a Visitor is an on-line detective story that follows the mysterious death of a Taiwanese woman who is visiting Utrecht during a global pandemic.  Drawing on video games and web-based fiction, the reader or rather interactor, retraces this woman’s journey through a series of digital fragments and encounters as they begin to put together her tragic and mysterious story.  

This innovative digital work is created by 16 students based in different departments at the HKU School of Arts at Utrecht University in The Netherlands.  These include Interactive Performance Design, Music & Technology, Pop and Jazz and also involves students from all over the world.  Framing and supporting the project are imitating the dog’s co-artistic directors Pete Brooks, Andrew Quick and Simon Wainwright with support from Andrew Crofts, who have been working with these collaborators since February.  

Fragments of a Visitor is a digital work created by students from Utrecht University in The Netherlands, mentored by UK theatre-makers, imitating the dog.  Made in response to the pandemic, Fragments of a Visitor puts you at the heart of the action, as the detective piecing together a broken life.

Fragments of a Visitor can be played at any time, from any location, with access to the internet.