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Frankenstein Digital Learning Toolkit – Now Available

9th February 2024 by Lauren Randall

Our Digital Learning Toolkit for our latest production, Frankenstein, is now available for FREE on our website!

The toolkit is an online space where schools, colleges, university groups and other learners can access a variety of resources inspired by and connected to our exploration of Mary Shelley’s Gothic classic. This collection is designed as a launchpad for discussion and discovery, all while offering intriguing insights into how our production speaks to Shelley’s novel and the process of it coming together on stage.

As such, we like to think that there’s a little something for everyone. To reflect this, the Toolkit has launched with assets that outline the opportunities for literature and drama reflections, detail who the imitating the dog team are and why we do what we do, and a first look at what happens in the room (and before then) to get the matter of making started.

The Toolkit is live and will be added to throughout the production, the details of which can be found with the assets at Frankenstein Digital Learning Toolkit – so do keep checking in to see what’s new!

If you are interested in further avenues of education, we also provide bookable workshops, which can be a great accompaniment to any group coming to see the show. The details of these can be found here: Frankenstein Workshops.

Frankenstein rehearsals. Photo by Ed Waring.

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