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Lebanon Daily Star: best of 2012

14th January 2013 by Simon Wainwright

Hotel Methuselah has been named as one of the theatrical highlights of 2012 in Lebanon’s Daily Star newspaper:


Film noir met live performance at Dawar al-SHAMS earlier this year, when British theater company Imitating the Dog were invited to perform in Beirut as part of the Samir Kassir Spring Festival. Without a doubt this year’s most innovative performance, “Hotel Methuselah” is set in a nameless, war-torn country in 1940s Europe. Close-ups of the actors faces were captured in beautifully rendered film sequences, while their bodies, visible through a letter box-shaped slit at the front of the stage, moved in perfect synch with the pre-recorded film and dialogue. This eerie performance – part horror film, part exploration of the psychological ramifications of war – worked particularly well in Lebanon, where for many viewers war has been a lived reality, rather than something that happened to their grandparents.

The trip to Lebanon in June, supported by the British Council was also one of the company high points in a wonderful year. The show toured to Brazil, Germany, Ukraine and Lebanon last year and is set to carry on in 2013.
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