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In Autumn 2020, we made and toured Dr Blood’s Old Travelling Show. The show was made in co-production with Leeds Playhouse, and toured to 5 UK venues. It was a 30-minute show which played outdoors, on a mobile stage which folded out of the back of a van. Audiences were limited to 50 per show. It played 2 or 3 performances each night, with a half hour break between shows.

Tour venues were responsible for organising suitable outdoors spaces and logistics, and front of house activities.

In preparation for the production and tour, ITD consulted with several partners and, with their help, created a suite of documents to support the work to be carried out within Covid safety guidelines.

In the spirit of sharing learning, and supporting others as we have been supported, we are sharing our reflections on this period and the documentation we developed, as a set of free resources. This should, of course, be treated as information only, rather than a ‘guide’. All documentation was developed for the show ITD were making in a particular set of circumstances, at a particular time and what was right for us, may not be right for you. But we hope you find something of use within these resources.

We are grateful to the individuals and venues who supported us as we prepared for, and made, Dr Blood. These include:

Leeds Playhouse team

Members of Lancaster Arts Partnership (LAP)

Dr Blood tour venues

The Dr Blood company of outstanding individuals


Documents to share

Risk Assessment (XLS)

This RISK ASSESSMENT was created ahead of rehearsals, to inform and support the company members working on the show. It was updated as the production and tour progressed. It is specifically for Covid-Safety issues and it accompanies (rather than replaces) the main production risk assessment.


Safety Manual (PDF)

The ITD COVID SAFETY MANUAL was created ahead of rehearsals, to inform and support the
company members working on the show.


Daily Health Check (PDF)

The Daily Health Check was created ahead of rehearsals and updated each morning. It was
issued to the company members on site each morning, to be completed by them before they came to the workplace. We used google forms for this. The results were monitored by the ITD Executive
Director (off-site) and the Stage Manager (on site).



Interviews with the Dr Blood's Old Travelling Show team

Creative Team

Acting Company