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Graphic Novel Filter

Create your own digital graphic novel and tell us a story….

Inspired by our three part live action graphic novel, Airlock, we’ve created three digital filters to help you tell your own stories in a graphic novel format.

Each filter has multiple frames for you to fill with video or photos and spaces to layer text onto your images.

To find these filters you will need the Instagram app on your phone.

To find these filters in the app

  • Press the + button
  • At the bottom of your screen scroll along to STORY or LIVE
  • The menu above LIVE now has filters you can select
  • Scroll all the way right on those filters till you find ‘Browse effects’ and click on it
  • Select the search option in the top right of your screen, type Airlock and all three filters should appear.
  • Click ‘Try It’ in the bottom corner and you’re ready to go

To use the filter

  • Click anywhere on the screen to take a pic in one of the frames
  • Click the button in the middle at the bottom to save your pic
  • If you press and hold the camera button you can record video, when you release the button it saves your video
  • While videoing, tap the screen with another finger to take still images in the frames
  • After taking your photo or video, select the Aa button at the top of the screen to add text
  • You don’t have to post it to instagram, click the download button to save it to your phone.

Once you’ve finished please share a video or photo of your creations with us @imitatingthedog on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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