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Night of the Living Dead™️ – Remix: Morven Macbeth on making & touring

10th March 2020 by Morven Macbeth


‘We knew from the outset that we had just three and a half weeks to get this show made. Under any ‘normal’ rehearsal circumstances that would be tight. But the challenges of staging our remix of this classic and much-loved zombie film were pretty stark. We had to make 6 minutes of material a day to get from the beginning to the end. Sounds obvious right? Once you’ve done the math.

But when you start picking the film apart, frame-by-frame, the realisation dawns that six minutes may include a zombie attack, a car exploding into flame and a fist fight. We’re seven performers and a model box operator with four cameras who also want to stage something exciting for the audience to watch live in a theatre. It has been a mind-bending, physically and mentally demanding process and I’ve loved being part of making each of those 95 minutes.’

Jan 2020


‘Very occasionally, when the alarm goes off at 5:15am and my bag remains half-packed on the bedroom floor, I wonder if I’ll ever get fed up with touring. And honestly, the answer (so far, and I’ve been at this for nearly twenty years), is a resounding ‘no’.

We’re a big company on this tour, 10 people on the road and there’s something very special about performing a show we’re all massively proud of and which is a lot of fun to do, at new venues across the UK at this particularly strange time. The world feels a distinct kind of uncertain, the future almost spectacularly unknowable, and Night of the Living Dead – Remix is chiming with audiences in a way none of us predicted. At Theatr Clwyd’s Saturday matinee, half the audience were on their feet at the end of the show. We’ve had an incredible response on social media and a bunch of 4 star reviews. It’s been one of The Times Critics Choice of what to see for five consecutive weeks now. Which, I’m reliably informed, for a touring show outside of that London, is quite something.

So we hope you’ll come and find out for yourselves how the show might resonate with you, in ways you might predict and in ways which may well surprise you. And if you’ve already been along, please tell your friends, colleagues and family. Word of mouth (and social media) has really been working so spread the word. Thanks!’

MARCH 2020


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