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Made in Hull: Arrivals and Departures

Sited Work

“This place is built on working hands

Washed here by the sea…”

Imitating the dog’s work for Hull 2017 put a poetic spin on the history of arrivals in and departures from the city. The piece looked at the history of migration from a contemporary perspective, exploring the journeys which have gathered a population and moulded a landscape.

Using The Deep as both canvas and building blocks the piece pulled together some of the strands of the complex and universal issues of migration as a wider subject matter.

Created as part of the Made in Hull opening celebrations for Hull City of Culture 2017.




for imitating the dog:

Video Design and Storyboard: Simon Wainwright

Soundtrack: Terry Dunn

Stop Motion animation: Ainslie Henderson and Will Anderson as Whiterobot

Sound design: Rob Turner

Research: Morven Macbeth and Andrew Quick

Producer: Julie Brown

Video System support: Capo

for Made in Hull:

Creative Director Sean McAllister.

Writer Rupert Creed

Production Designer Ala Lloyd

Lighting Designer Durham Marenghi

Sound Designer Dan Jones

Producer Niccy Hallifax

With thanks to :

Dr Nicholas Evans, University of Hull  for original research material and expertise

Linda Lai

Glynis and Graham Capes

Wilberforce Institute, University of Hull

Open Doors


Holy Trinity Church

Mark Keith, Holy Trinity MD

The Freedom Choir members

Hull University Chapel Choir members

Brian Gadie, Recording engineer

Waterways World

African Stories in Hull and East Yorkshire / William Wilberforce Monument Fund

Ivor Innes photographers

Hull Maritime Museum

Laura Atherton

Matt Prendergast

Andrew Crofts

Nova Studios

The Hull Daily Mail Picture desk

Norway – Heritage,  Hands Across the Sea

Hartley Library, University of Southampton

Lou and Rich Duffy Howard

Dave Okwesia

Hajra Bhamji, and Indian and Continental Stores.

Gary Hammond

Andy Stankard, Hull City Council