Learning is at the heart of the company ethos.

Much of our professional touring work starts life as student projects or workshop material. We have strong links with Lancaster University and Central St Martins. With company members Andrew Quick and Pete Brooks lecturing in Theatre Studies and Scenography respectively we are strongly attached to the academic world from which we emerged.

We offer a number of workshops and lectures that are focussed on our use of digital technologies. All of our workshops offer both concrete skills-based activities and an introduction to our approach to making work.

Currently on offer:

Workshops & Projects

1. Redux Workshop

Explore the recreation of classic cinema scenes in real time on digital film (for instance, the shower scene in Hitchcock’s Psycho). In the performance space, we see the live process of reproducing, shot by shot, a cinematic sequence, while simultaneously seeing both the original footage of the scene and the livestream of the digital reproduction.This workshop incorporates live performance, camera operation/lighting, online vision mixing, aspects of design for camera (both digital and 3D)

  • For participants aged 16+
  • 10 – 20 participants
  • Full day (2 X 3 hour sessions)*

*The Redux workshop can be extended to a semi residential project over 2-3 weeks, leading to the public showing of a performance.

2. Nocturnes Workshop

Participants begin by producing a soundscape including both Foley sound and dialogue. This soundscape becomes the text for a short film, which is made using the back projection techniques we employ in our production of Nocturnes. This short film is projected into the performance space and using in-ear monitoring, dubbed live, we create onstage action that reflects and at the same time contradicts the narrative of the film with which it shares a text.

  • For participants aged 16+
  • Up to 10 participants
  • Either a half day or full day

3. Zero Hour Workshop

Using a live stream of material being recorded in the performance space, explore the construction of stage realism as opposed to cinematic realism. In the stage space performances that imply one kind of spatial or psychological relationship are filmed, edited and projected live to suggest something that may be subtly different or completely contradictory.

  • For participants aged 16+
  • 10 – 20 participants
  • Half Day (1 X 3 hour sessions)*

Psycho Redux Project: CSM, London


1. Nocturnes: A Performance for the Post-Truth Landscape

This lecture focuses on the thinking behind the current touring production. We will lead the audience through the development of the ideas behind the show, focussing on the creative and intellectual decisions that in the end lead to what is seen on the stage. The journey is by no means linear.

2. Technology as Scenographic Metaphor

This lecture examines the different ways that we have metaphorised the technological aspects of our productions. It looks at what it means or what it can be made to mean, for instance, when one uses a live camera feed.

Thinking about how the technology is metaphorised is central to our approach to transmedial performance making.

3. 20 Years of Making Lecture

As the company approaches its 20th birthday, this discussion with students, practitioners and/or audiences looks back at the history of the company from its early years devising work as a young company straight out of university, through to establishing a creative relationship with director Pete Brooks in 2005 and the direction the work has taken in its exploration of the boundaries between theatre and technology.