Learning is at the heart of the company ethos.

Much of our professional touring work starts life as student projects or workshop material. We have strong links with Lancaster University and Central St Martins and are currently company in residence at LICA. With company members Andrew Quick and Pete Brooks lecturing in Theatre Studies and Scenography respectively we are strongly attached to the academic world from which we emerged.

The company offers a wide range of education activities alongside our performances to enhance an understanding of the work. Stand-alone workshops are offered to schools, universities and drama centres to give students an insight into our working methods and techniques, introducing simple devising techniques and integrated technologies. Masterclasses in both the theory and the technological construction of our work are also available, as are after-show discussions and more general lectures which can be tailored to a wide variety of needs. We also work regularly on longer performance projects and residencies, particularly with undergraduate theatre degree courses or drama schools.

Recent projects have included work with LICA, Lancaster University, The University of the Arts London, The National Theatre of Greece, Cyprus Theatre Organisation, University students in Armenia and Georgia, Exeter University, Hull College, Sheffield City Learning Centres and numerous schools through Yorkshire.



Education Resource Packs

Download our resource packs with workshop and project information and specific background and context for our most recent shows.


Systems Choreography

An important feature of contemporary performance has been the use of movement systems to create performance material. This workshop explores ways of making use of this approach.

The workshop can be run as a single 3 hour session, over a whole day or as a longer project.

Deconstructing the Classic Text

Co-Artistic Director of the company Andrew Quick’s book on the Wooster Group and our own experiments with classic text provide the skill base for looking at contemporary approaches to re-staging classics.

The workshop can be run over a whole day or as a longer project.

The Poetics of Failure

A workshop that explores the poetics of failure.

Theatre exists in the gap between what represents and what is represented. It’s frequently what makes things funny, like the coconut shell horses in Monty Python’s Holy Grail or moving; the transformed objects in almost any Robert Lepage show. In this workshop we use simple technology to enable the participants to stage live a classic film.

The workshop can be run over a whole day or as a longer project.

Cinematic Dramaturgy

This workshop will look at the way in which new technologies open up the possibility of staging more cinematic narratives, and how we can look to the structure of cinematic narrative to structure live work.

The workshop can be run as a single 3 hour session, over a whole day or as a longer project.